In Isaiah’s last chapters 56-66 (Old Testament), the Catholic Church considers this as poem in its entirety. They have done this with other scriptures like Genesis 1-3, Daniel 7-12, 2 Peter 1-3 and Revelation 1-22. In fact they have written in the Bible at the start, saying: “DO NOT TAKE EVERYTHING LITERALLY”. If this conclusion has prevailed or is maintained, how are people supposed to believe or be certain of what the Catholic Church and its theologians, evangelists, scholars & experts teach or worse, dictate? Doubt as to the principal word should not ordinarily be taken in to favor them because it would cause obscurity & ambiguity since they do know or will not keep the real intention or true will of God. The church’s action in preempting the word instead of God’s chosen has prevented it from being effectual as to its true character and hence, Jesus Christ’s curse on the teachers of the law is still on, not yet repealed (Luke 11: 52). Their interpretation should not be admitted or understood to comprehend as POEMS but rather be construed, in truth, as PROPHETIC WORDS. Since God has given me the gift of perception which I incidentally discovered in my early 20s, I have customarily exercised this with caution. It sometimes ends up in favor of the greatest reciprocity of interests among the parties.

I find more the Book of Consolation as a foreword of God’s forthcoming Judgment (i.e., His vengeance) in the END OF TIMES by reproaching mankind than comforting word to all. As claimed by the author Winston Kayanan from the Philippines, there are TRUTHS in these prophetic scriptures that have now come to reveal. As how I look at it, Isaiah foresaw mankind (acting as the defendant) on trial before God (the Judge) who sits at the throne (known to us as the bench) on a case of worldwide ignorance & indifference, negligence & imprudence and disobedience & defiance. The SERVANT (acting as the prosecutor) is also summoned in this proceeding. God intends to administer justice in the final hour on every one. He recalls man’s practice in life in consonance with His laws, commandments, precepts & ordinances, written in the Bible. In its entirety, God raised His many concluded jurisprudences on people to heed & follow them since the beginning on each man’s identical dealings or similar experiences. And now, God’s consolation was meant for acknowledgement of the repenting and the upright in their lifetime in order to be saved & live further more. Please take note that this should not be considered as RAPTURE since there will be no joyful taking but anguish killing of mankind (Rev. 19 Triumph of the Word of God). The SERVANT will proclaim this foreword, i.e., consistent & corroborating with other scriptures (Dan. 7-12 & Rev. 7, 19 2nd part, Rev. 20 & Rev. 21). He is destined to be known by many like nations according to Isaiah and hence, studying & reviewing his work & performance, he will consequently become famous & popular. So it would highly be improbable for the SERVANT not to be known.

To explain Isaiah’s 56-66, please take note that the SERVANT, again as the key actor & player, remains in the scriptures. God maintained the name of Jacob (Is. 58: 14, 59: 20, 60: 16 and 65: 9) even if God re-named him Israel (Gen. 32: 28). But, in the New Testament, God uses Israel (instead of Jacob) in Rev. 7 because, looking back at Jacob’s story, God said, “Through Jacob & his descendants, all nations of the earth will be blessed” (Gen. 28: 14). This would mean that God did not plan this immediately after his death but planned to bring Jacob back but, not in the closing of the Old Testament nor in the New Testament, rather faraway to the future and hence, this verse is also a prophetic word. However, the Catholic Church did not refer the word “Israel” (a given name by God to Jacob) as a man in their theological interpretation but as a nation or a government, i.e., the Republic of Israel. As such, up to this point in time, God’s word in the above phrase “all nations of the earth will be blessed” has yet to happen, i.e., it has to be experienced since Israel as a nation remains to be an enemy of others. If earth was reported by Millennium Development Goal to have an alarming 60% desertification as of 2005, accruing over centuries, this will also prove that nations were not blessed and hence, we are not talking specifically of a nation (i.e., the Republic of Israel), believed to be tasked to rebuild earth but a man will crusade & spearhead it. Thus, Israel as a nation, for having no accomplishment, is not the one that was portrayed by Isaiah. Isaiah was prophesying of a SERVANT who will be “the new Jacob” (or “the new Israel”) and will rebuild earth from desolation. And since the author from the Philippines has a very powerful technology (already underwent government evaluation & obtained clearances in 2001-02) which purpose aims to purge the atmosphere against global warming as well as to convert a desert eco-system into a man-made fertile soil, this means that, besides God giving this as His grace of SALVATION (see Salvation in Is. 60: 18) to our current problem, He is now effecting His pre-conceived or foretold plan from the former Jacob to the new Jacob.

For the author to invent & subsequently offer the Philippine technology solely to UN since December 2002, to USA (via NASA-GISS) since May 2005 & some 30 foreign countries since July 2006 (though rejected &/or ignored due to the impending treaty) including NGOs, international media, environmental schools, this will tell us that the author was persistent & determined in informing the world of a pro-life remedy as the ultimate solution in saving man & earth to our environmental woes, simply by just rehabilitating earth’s desertification. This was his calling. Similar to the former Jacob who spent 14 years in his life in desiring to get Rachel as his wife, the same persistency & determination found in him were present at the author. Even if the embassies of Australia, Switzerland and European Union wrote to him in 2003, signifying that they cannot fund this project since this was not the world’s priority. Nonetheless, the author further pursued his mission even if discouraged along the way. The world never considered the wisdom in it as promising. Like the visiting representatives from APEC-VC Australia, they commented this technology as “very amazing” after it was presented in 2006 at the Philippines’ Dept. of Science & Technology. Given with such praise, the author crusaded harder this mission with the end in view of enlightening as well as delivering people to the right path by renewing earth, making world to progress than retrogress, i.e., without suppressing transportation & industries from compelling world to sacrifice man’s livelihood and nation’s economy. As further comparison, we can take cognizance of Jacob’s progress after he took flocks & herds of unwanted animals from his father-in-law as his wages (Gen. 30: 32) and later God favored him by making fertile all female, thereby multiplying all Jacob’s farm animals as his possessions. And thus, most likely, the experiences of the former Jacob will happen again when a new Jacob (or the new Israel) re-surfaces, similarly having God’s blessings to re-fertilize earth, making desert eco-system & wastelands into Garden of Eden. It would appear that world’s fate has now changed when the Philippines was unknowingly favored to obtain blessings from God over God’s first-chosen Israel (without deceit), corollary to the (stolen) blessing by the former Jacob from his first-born elder brother Esau (with deceit in Gen. 27).

If the Republic of Israel is not identified as Israel in Rev. 7, the question is, “Where will the 144,000 from Israel, i.e., sealed by God come from?” If Israel is a man though deceased (i.e., referred to as the former Jacob) and the man, likewise described as Jacob in Isaiah 56-66 belongs to the future, the new Jacob could be from the Philippines since he (now living) claims to know how to cure & heal earth, more than anybody else in the world – a mystery of knowledge which only God through the Spirit of Truth can teach or give (John 14: 17). Then the 144,000 chosen men of God will necessarily come under him, coming from the Philippines too. And the migration of the 12 tribes (“spread out by God to the west & the east, to the north & the south” in Gen. 28: 14), giving recognition of the former Jacob’s 12 children (i.e., the names of his sons), from their lineage, will complement another batch of 144,000 chosen men of God, to total 288,000 all to be known as Holies (Dn. 9: 24) or Holy People (Is. 62: 12). These two groups represent the two camps of Jacob (one can escape if the other is attacked as strategic plan in facing his brother Esau in Gen. 32: 7-8). Similarly, since there will be nations & kingdoms that will refuse to serve as probable enemies (according to Isaiah 60: 12) of the new Jacob in the future, the enemies can attack the 144,000 (willing to die for God) and leave the other 144,000 (scattered in the world) behind to continue the mission. The men from 12 tribes from foreign countries may come from, let us say: Israel, USA, South Korea, Britain or whatever. This is not huge because the mission is wider & broader in rebuilding, rehabilitating & renewing earth since the bottom line is to achieve one of God’s three mysterious plans, i.e., to create “New Heaven” (i.e., clearer skies) & “New Earth” (i.e., fertile soil) in Is. 65: 17-25 and Rev. 21. They will not only rehabilitate earth but they will also “put an end to transgression, put sin under lock, wipe out the offense and bring everlasting JUSTICE” (Dn. 9: 24). In other words, this will be the biggest shot or event in history as world penance by offering collective repentance & unified allegiance of mankind to God.

Going back to Chapters 56-66, Isaiah presents what God had foretold him as follows:

If we read Chapter 56, contrary to what Catholic Church says: “The people of God welcome everyone”, God prefaces His simple rule to know Him & the Son, i.e., “maintain what is right & do what is just” to religious & non-religious people. Those who follow & obey will be declared saved & sealed to live. And God cites the faults & failures of His watchmen (who are the clergies & non-clergies, teaching & preaching the law), calling them as “dumb watchdogs”. This means that nobody recognizes God in the SERVANT’s proclamation & announcement (2 Thessalonians 1: 8).

In Chapter 57, God lays down man’s faults & accuses them of these as sins but God will reconsider some, deserving of His mercy.  

In Chapter 58, God talks about hypocrisy by believers with treachery & betrayal. Those with good deeds of heart will be called the “Breach-Mender” and the “Restorer”.

In Chapter 59, God addresses the sinners but will consider justifiable causes or reasons for every man’s actions. Righteous men talks in behalf of mankind, defending them by acknowledging their sins. On the other hand, God mentions the SERVANT for He will make a covenant with him (referred by God as Jacob, Is. 59: 21), giving His spirit to him, his children and his children’s children, i.e., not to leave them.

In Chapter 60, contrary to the Catholic Church’s interpretation of “New Jerusalem”, God further gives recognition of His SERVANT (Is. 60: 1-3). The SERVANT’s children will gather together including those from abroad. (Is. 60: 4). He will feel a glorious experience when nations will open up to him with gifts (Is. 60: 5) and will give offerings through him to God (Is. 60: 1-10). Leaders of nations will pour wealth to fund the SERVANT’s plans of rebuilding earth (Is. 60: 11, 13 and 16-17). God calls the SERVANT’s technology as “Salvation” (contrary to the Catholic Church’s interpretation of “Total human liberation In order to make us holy”) and his projects as “Praise” (is. 60: 18). God will make nature that this will be in harmony with application of the technology (is. 60: 19-22). But there will be villains against the SERVANT, comprising of nations & kingdoms. (Is. 60: 12). These will probably be godless countries with higher human violations, coming from the Human Rights Council (known as the Abominable Idol of the Oppressor or Devastator or Invader) though they will eventually be destroyed. All who mocked him will be humbled (Is. 60: 14) for God will lift His SERVANT up (Is. 60: 15-16).

In Chapter 61, God is speaking on behalf of His SERVANT (Is. 61: 1-2), defending his cause.  Those who will support the SERVANT will be called “Oaks of Integrity” (is. 61: 3). They as ministers of God will help rebuild earth (Is. 61: 4-6). As a consequence, God will double peoples’ possession of land (Is. 61: 7) and will be blessed (Is. 61: 8-10).

In Chapter 62, God again gives importance to His SERVANT of the things he would do. What do you think made God delight in him? With perception of calling, he undoubtedly followed God’s communication with him through scriptures in the Bible for he was given understanding of the hidden TRUTH behind each word. From banking to real estate industry, he shifted to the environment. Not an agriculturist &/or forester, he wrote down unknowingly God’s grace of Salvation as a bio-technology for land development & improvement in an invention to save man & earth. Not an ambassador, he gave good news to the world via promotion & offering of this invention to foreign governments after his own country that a right solution to global warming & climate change has been made. Not an educator, he unselfishly taught the Catholic Church, foreign governments, schools, local & international media and NGOs via disseminating long & thick letters of information. Not a scientist, he challenged the knowledge of the scientific community in the net by showing the right way to address global warming & climate change. Not a lawyer, he prosecuted those responsible for ignoring & evading God’s laws on nature and ridiculing as well as deceiving the world with wrongful solution (via trial by publicity). Not a theologian, he argued with Bible scholars & experts with regards to the meaning of scriptures. And so, people who will be behind him, supporting his cause, will be called “Holy People”, further called “The Sought After”.

In Chapter 63, this pertains to the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The decree has been declared to execute God’s Judgment (is. 63: 1-6), i.e., His wrath of death sentence (not RAPTURE). But righteous people in behalf of the peoples of the world again move to pray for reconsideration (63: 7-19 and 64: 1-11).

In Chapter 65, God answers by giving His side. God claims that His patience was returned with provocation, creating His anger and thus, God will give His final execution of judgment of vengeance (Is. 65: 1-7).

In Chapters 65: 8-16 & 66, God will give Jacob a new race, owning lands as their inheritance. A new environment will come for those who were sealed to live after leaving behind the wicked from the old heaven (polluted atmosphere) and old earth (desertification). God will open up to pagan people to visit & enter New Jerusalem. The birth of New Jerusalem means that a new island will surface (Is. 66: 7-17) as consequence of major earthquake, adjusting the continents, as well as reduction of rising sea levels performed by the Philippine technology (by way of transporting the melted water back to the Antarctic & Arctic like in Gen. 1: 9).

In the preceding chapters, what do you think are the 3 mysterious plans of God in here (mentioned in Rev. 10: 7) which are briefly described in the other chapters of the Book of Revelation, according to the good news God proclaimed through His servants, the prophets? These are:

  1. The Coming of Jesus Christ: Isaiah 63: 1-6 is related to Revelation 19: 11-21. Talks about the Triumph of the Word of God, i.e., the execution of God’s sentence against mankind, delivered by our Lord Jesus Christ at his second coming. Estimated mortality will be 50% of the world population (Matt. 24: 40-41).


  1. New Heaven & New Earth: Isaiah 65: 17-25 is identical to Revelation 21: 1-8 (likewise mentioned in 2 Peter 3: 13). Talks about a new environment with clearer skies and fertile soil – a great time to build (without major earthquakes, floods, etc.) and to plant (without heat waves, droughts, forest fires, etc.).


  1. The Thousand Years: Isaiah 65: 8-16 & 66: 18-24 portrays new life in Revelation 20. Talks about a new era of peace & justice in the reign of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

Remember these three mysteries which the SERVANT has already proclaimed & announced. His mission is to achieve Nos. 2 & 3 after No. 1. I have finished the second half of Isaiah’s Book of Consolation, given last October 7, 2012 for me to interpret & explain. Together with other scriptures, I have given a general picture & understanding of the End of Times, absolutely contrary to the theological interpretations of Catholic Church & the belief of Bible scholars & experts as well as Christians. Now I surrender everything to God for I have done my part according to His will. BE READY PEOPLE!

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I believe God will do this in the 21st century.  Contrary to the Catholic Church’s belief (i.e., their knowledge based on opinion), the Book of Consolation is actually a foreword of God of what He will say & do in the pre-last days of the end of times.

There are prophecies in the Bible which, according to Winston Kayanan from the Philippines (author of the new versions of Daniel 7 in June 2004, Genesis 1-3 in September 2011, 2 Peter 1-3 in October 2011 & Revelation 1-22 in November 2011, see some articles in blogs at Yahoo by searching his name), are still alive, i.e., unconsummated. He had defended & argued this many times in the net since April 2009 versus scientists, theologians, scholars & experts (even agnostics & atheists) who think that prophecies were already achieved, i.e., FINISHED on ground that Jesus Christ’s last words in John 19: 30, says: “It is accomplished.” This is wrong, primarily because God remains to be the FIRST and also the LAST (Is. 41: 4, 44: 6 & 48: 12). Closing the word in the Bible as done would surely insult God because Nostradamus’ predictions remain to be alive (recently his Twin Tower, reaching the 21st century), thereby making God’s word subservient (which is absolutely wrong). Now the author’s latest interpretation is his new version of Isaiah 40-55. 

In here, the Catholic Church said that there was a PROPHET, whose name is unknown, had reportedly witnessed these beginnings. However, the miracles mentioned therein did not occur and hence, there was no witness, making its interpretation as false. In this vein, the Catholic Church should cease & desist from interpreting not knowing that it was not meant for them since its explanation belongs to God’s chosen when the time comes who could transcribe Isaiah’s prophecies thoroughly & accurately. The fact that no one in history has ever converted a desert eco-system into an EDEN up to this day, evidence of which was the alarming news report of Millennium Development Goal, disclosing 60% desertification of earth as of 2005 (Is. 42: 15), will prove that said chapters did not occur or happen and hence, Isaiah’s prophecies remain standing.

It is written that a SERVANT (not just a prophet) is the key actor or player here. He is old with gray hair (Is. 46: 4), with children (Is. 43: 5). He is a sinner (Is. 43: 24-28, 44: 22) who has not read the word of God in the Bible (Is. 45: 4 & 5). He is not only a WITNESS to tell the future (Is. 40: 5, 42: 9, 44: 7 & 26, 45: 21, 46: 10, 48: 4-6 & 50: 10) but he will also be a LEADER & COMMANDER of the people (Is. 55: 4-5) in order to prepare the way for God (Is. 40:3) and to rebuild earth (Is. 41: 18-20, 42: 15, 45: 13 & 50: 19). He will open the eyes of people (Is. 42: 7, 16, 19 & 23, 43: 8-9) but many will oppose him (Is. 41: 11-13 & 26-29; 44: 25, 49. 19 & 25-26). The SERVANT moreover will be likened to two popular Biblical personalities, i.e., JACOB (is. 45: 4) and CYRUS (Is. 45: 1). He will come from the east from a distant land (i.e., not Middle East but FAR EAST ASIA) to carry out God’s plan (is. 46: 11). Justice is his mission (Is. 40: 14, 41: 1 & 10, 42: 1, 3, 4 & 6, 45: 13, 46: 13, 51: 5; &, 54: 14) since Revelation, unknown to all, pertains to JUDGMENT, the plan of God (Is. 42: 9, 44: 26). He has God’s blessings (Is. 44: 3-4) & will be backed-up (Is. 42: 19, 49: 1-12, 50: 4-10 & 55: 13). He will be God’s delight, not anymore forsaken (Is. 42: 1 & 62: 4).

Our Lord Jesus Christ remains as the primordial JUST SERVANT (Is. 53: 1-12), God’s Son & Heir. The human servant‘s announcements are in preparation for Christ’s second coming to rule earth & mankind, dethroning UN (1 Corinthian 15: 24-25). His leadership will take effect when he is elected by the Holies (Dn. 9: 25), comprising of 288,000 chosen men of God (unknown to each other, immediately after the second coming) from the 12 tribes (Rev. 7), representing the lineage of the 12 children of Jacob, scattered all over the world, to work with him. Twelve thousand per tribe (or country) have been sealed by God before climate change began, meaning: they will not be harmed or killed, protected against natural disasters imposed on earth, sea or trees (Rev. 7: 3-10) as well as forthcoming judgment in the wrath of God at the coming of Jesus Christ (Rev. 19 Triumph of the Word of God).

The SERVANT will call a nation unknown to him and nations that do not know him will come hurrying to him for the sake of his God (Is. 49: 23). First time in history, he will make deserts like Eden, wastelands like God’s garden (Is. 41: 18-20 & 51: 3). The Philippines has already knowledge of this, in a technology rooted on PHOTOSYNTHESIS in biology, a scientific fact as nature’s law (Is. 40: 21, 42: 24, 45: 12, 48: 18) via rehabilitation of soil, with IPO pending since 2001 (as God’s grace of salvation). It was offered to UN by the lone author since December 2002, USA’s NASA-GISS since May 2005 and some 30 foreign countries via their embassies here in the Philippines since July 2006 but ignored because of the impending Kyoto Protocol Treaty. They never saw the wisdom in it for they conspired to put their man-made theory of emission reduction on top to prevail. They have absolutely rejected what is good & chosen what is evil, the lie of the world (John 16: 8) that will unknowingly destroy man & earth. Even the world’s top scientists could not figure out the solution for IPCC & others lied too to defend the authorities’ false science. To their disaster, they publicly admitted their lies in the first quarter of 2010. Peoples of the world have not recounted that God, as the Creator, designed & programmed before creation by laying down the foundations of the earth. For man’s disobedience to God’s laws (known through secondary education in science) & defiance to the author’s warning (inculcating knowledge received from God in science & theology), God made war with mankind (Is. 42: 13 & 25), pouring out frequent & recurrent natural disasters every year since June 2003 (known to man as climate change & interpreted by the author last November 2011 as plagues in 7 trumpets per Rev. 8-9 and 7 cups per Rev. 15-16). These are acts of God but surprisingly, Christians (including clergies & experts of the word) as well as other religious community remain ignorant about them despite the author’s persistent claim that God is intervening & the Bible is revealing and hence, this proves that they do not know God. This is total delusion for both scientific & religious community (2 Thessalonians 2: 10-12), not knowing that Revelation in the Christian Bible is in effect talking & working. 

By way of rehabilitating earth’s desertification, the SERVANT will pasture land & allot its abandoned farms (Is. 49: 8). People will find pasture on barren hills (Is. 49: 9). They will neither be hungry or thirsty nor will the scorching wind or the sun beat upon them (Is. 49: 10). These tell us that earth will be renewed & rejuvenated (Is. 54: 16), reducing the reported growing of 60% desertification by Millennium Development Goal in 2005, and therefore, global warming (Is. 47: 14, 49: 10, 50: 2) in this 21st century will be eliminated. World’s REDUCE CARBON SCHEME which God describes as idol or graven image (Is. 42: 17, 44: 9-20, 46: 5-9 & 47: 10-15), the 666 in Rev. 13: 18, made through witchcraft (Is. 46: 9) with various programs (like earth hour, renewable energy, adapt & mitigate, etc., described as multitude of sorceries in Is. 47: 12) – the basis of energy users (Is. 50: 11, 51: 6 & 54: 11 & 16) to adhere & follow, will be terminated for being an anti-life. Then nations will be convinced of God’s salvation (Is. 52: 10) which His servant & the Holies in collective cooperation with nations will execute in order to rescue mankind & finally save earth, formerly ignored since 2002 after people were dragged away from the false promises of their world’s idol.

Since this was the last scriptures, given by God on October 1, 2012, to be interpreted, all plans & works, through proclamation & announcement since 2002 (scientific knowledge) & 2004 (theological knowledge), are confirmed by God (Is. 44: 26). 

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                               By: Winston N. Kayanan



A Bosconian (Batch of 1971) & Sebastinian, AB Economics (Batch of 1975). He was a former banker & real estate practitioner as licensed broker, appraiser & consultant. He was also a former homebuilder and subdivision developer. Now he has become an inventor of the world’s powerful technology against global warming & climate change; and, also author/writer of the world’s accurate & perfect interpretations of four (4) books in the Bible which are Daniel 7-12, Genesis 1-3, 2nd Peter 1-3 and Revelation 1-22, all claimed to have come from God.



Chapter One

John has laid down the shortest summary of Revelation from the past to the future. He described himself as to how he obtained the Word of God and he also described Jesus Christ in a figurative language.

Chapters Two & Three

These pertain to the seven (7) actual (or deadly) sins which the Catholic Church failed to control in response to the dramatic social changes of people in modern times, as follows:

1.Church of Ephesus – Wrath (Rev. 2: 6)

Given Clue: “Yet it is in your favor that you hate the doings of the Nicolaitans, which I also hate.”

2. Church in Smyma – Envy (Rev. 2: 9)

Given Clue: “I know your trials and your poverty: you are rich indeed. I know how you are slandered by those who pretend to be Jews but who are, in fact, of the synagogue of Satan.”

 3. Church in Pergamum – Gluttony (Rev. 2: 14)

Given Clue: “Some among you hold the teaching of Balaam, who taught Balak how to make Israelites stumble by eating food sacrificed to idols. . . .”

 4. Church in Thyatira – Lust (Rev. 2: 20-22)

Given Clue: “. . . this woman who calls herself a prophetess & is deceiving my servants; she teaches them prostitution & the eating of food sacrificed to idols. I have given her time to repent but she is unwilling to leave her prostitution. So I am going to throw her onto a bed & inflict severe trials on her partners in adultery . . .”

 5. Church in Sardis – Sloth (Rev. 3: 1)

Given Clue: “I know your worth: you think you live but you are dead. Wake up & strengthen that which is not already dead.”

 6. Church in Philadelphia – Pride (Rev. 3: 7)

Given Clue: “. . . if he opens, nobody shuts and if he shuts, nobody opens.”

 7. Church in Laodicea – Avarice (Rev. 3: 17)

Given Clue: ”You think you are rich & have piled up so much that you need nothing, but you do not realize that you are wretched & to be pitied, poor, blind & naked.”

Such failure of the Catholic Church stemmed from not upholding & sustaining the highest teachings of God (through the prophets in the Old Testament) in order to preserve His commandments, precepts & ordinances; and likewise of Jesus Christ (through the apostles in the New Testament) with the end in view of keeping with the passion for holiness by way of faith & observance of the laws of God (as manifested or evidenced by one’s deeds).

Based from the foregoing, 2nd Peter 2 is entirely addressed to the unsatisfactory work circumstances surrounding the Catholic Church & other religious organizations (like Iglesia ni Cristo as one).

Chapter Four

John was called & invited to witness a special proceeding in the heaven’s court at the throne of God. He saw the 24 magistrates in the tribunal, having the power to judge. He likewise saw the presence of a large crowd or multitude to also witness the biggest event.

Chapter Five

Jesus Christ has faced the Almighty God who gave him authority to rule people & earth. He is the only one who can open the book of God’s judgment.

Chapter Six

This is the agenda of the tribunal’s hearing, pertaining to God’s judgment, to wit:

a)      First Seal – White Horse (identified as The Trusteeship Council)

Given Clue: “He was crowned, and he went out as a conqueror to continue his conquest.”

b)      Second Seal – Red Horse (pertained to the Security Council)

Given Clue: “Its rider was ordered to take peace away from the earth, that people might kill one another; so he was given a great sword.”

c)       Third Seal – Black Horse (referred to as the International Court)

Given Clue: “. . . and its rider held a balance in his hand.”

d)      Fourth Seal – Green Horse (known as the Economic & Social Council or ECOSOC)

Given Clue: “He was allowed to utterly destroy by sword, famine, pestilence and wild beasts a fourth of the inhabitants of the earth.”

e)      Fifth Seal – Victims of natural disasters, due to ignorance, negligence, resistance, defiance, disobedience & rebellion by UN & the majority of the people;

f)       Sixth Seal – Plagues as decreed by God.

Chapter Seven

This is the sealing with the cross on the forehead of God’s chosen men, i.e., the quashing of 144,000 people (reserved for Israel) and another 144,000 (coming from 12 nations in groups of 12,000 people per nation). They will be responsible for leading, guiding & reforming the world survivors (or remnants) on their outlook after the execution of God’s punishment on mankind (i.e., the killing of 40% or 50% or 60% of world’s population) at the second coming of Jesus Christ (see Rev. 19 second part); and, restoring & rebuilding earth (particularly wastelands or desertification to arability & productivity) during the transition & recovery period in relation to Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks (Dn. 9: 20 -27). 

These God’s men will play an important role in bringing the remnants together with one religion through baptism. Pagans will be the top priority. They will share their wealth in order to rebuild the lives of the less fortunate people. Nations will cooperate to have a mutual & common understanding on each one’s affairs. However, there will be warring nations that will continue what they have been. They are part of Daniel’s prophecy though they will not last long because God will destroy their evil in the right time and that is the second execution of God’s wrath.

Chapters Eight & Nine

The Seventh Seal has already been opened by Jesus Christ. These represent the seven (7) kinds of plagues (known as seven trumpets too) that were sounded & executed by seven (7) angels. We have been frequently experiencing all kinds of disasters (or plagues) every year since the advent of climate change in June 2003 started. However, the world does not know what has been happening. All they know is excess pollution, resulting to global warming.

The Catholic Church should know more because of their advantage in the knowledge of God’s word in the Bible than the people. Plagues are “Acts of God” and these are His curses particularly if these are often or frequently thrown to the whole world. It is very clear in Rev. 22: 3 that God said in the end of the Bible: “No longer will there be a curse”. This would mean that the plagues were & are indeed God’s curse. Thus clergies & non-clergies should know that God is sending His wrath and hence, they should be doing something right now to educate & wake up the people otherwise this is plain dereliction of duty from their part in negating or violating their vows.

After many great magnitudes of natural disasters had passed, the Catholic Church has been evidently sleeping on the job without pushing the people to repent & return to God as well as acknowledge God’s intervention, i.e., giving people with extreme punishment of plagues. The world could not even see them lead with their participation & assistance in helping out the victims of disasters after disasters. Some Bishops appeared on TV though only as guests on talk shows but could not provide or give serious clues, thoughts & warnings since they are acting, thinking & talking independently without recognizing prophets of God who could have the right or true answers of what really is happening to the world.  That was why a curse against the clergies & non-clergies is still in effect which originated from Jesus Christ’s rebuke against the Pharisees who destroyed & killed the teachings that were authored by known prophets (see Luke 11: 42-52). As such, these are acts of falsification by erasing, altering & modifying the interpretations, using their own theological & intellectual philosophies in order to meet and likewise profit from their man-made standards of the modern Church, not knowing that they have consummated a crime as means to commit another crime (to the extent of ending into a complex crime), causing damage(s) or intent to cause them in publicly ridiculing & defrauding God’s people. 

Chapter Ten

The seven (7) thunders are withheld by God for the time being since these will be given to the survivors (or remnants) by the 288,000 chosen men after they have received them from God through Jesus Christ. This is supposed to be the New Commandment of God (known as the “Ark of the Covenant”) just like Moses in his time for having received the Ten Commandments.

The seventh angel will sound the three (3) mysterious plans of God which are:

a)      The second coming of Jesus Christ (Rev. 19 second part);

b)      The rise of the New Jerusalem (Rev. 21 second part); and,

c)       The Thousand Years (Rev. 20).

What people know right now is the second coming. They all think this as“rapture”, meaning the state of being carried away by joy, delight or love. Many think that Christians will only be saved. But it will not be that way because it will be a major punishment for all, causing fear & anguish & sorrow. So God ordered the servant through John to proclaim again the Word. These have been told & circulated in the net via email and Q & A.

Chapter Eleven

This is for the future during the transition & recovery period (Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks) after the second coming of Jesus Christ Chapter 19 (second part).

Isaiah & Ezekiel are the two (2) witnesses here who knew more of God and of the things to come than any body else (except for Jesus Christ) while the Catholic Church mistook them as Peter & Paul. The first two had direct contact with God with regards to messages & plans and as such, they were the ones who wrote & provided specifications of urban plans & architectural designs of the Future Temple to be built at the summit of a new island that will first surface to be known as the New Jerusalem. The Ark of the Covenant will be placed in the New Temple during Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks (Dn. 9: 20-27) under the supervision by a new comer (most probably an architect or engineer) who will be chosen by God to attend to the construction based on specifications written in Isaiah 66 & Ezekiel 40-47.

During this transition & recovery period, however, wars will not be eliminated. There will be remnants that will be influenced by evil since Satan will still be around. These will be pagans, led by a ruler from North Korea (see Daniel 11) fighting South Korea. Moreover, the north will invade, capture, destroy & plunder the Holy City (or New Jerusalem) for 42 months (or 3 ½ years) with some inhabitants and God’s pre-sealed people killed for defending & protecting the Temple in the same period (1,260 days or 3 ½ years). This 3 ½ year time is distinct from the 3 ½ year period (in Dn. 12: 7 and Rev. 13: 5 when both UNEP & the author were building up their stronghold positions).

Chapter Twelve

This is the recollection of the birth of Jesus Christ from Mother Mary who was envisioned to be the Lord of lords and King of kings in the future. Michael, the archangel, protected the child Jesus & mother Mary from Satan and the latter was thrown down earth after his defeat & thereafter had shifted his attention on destroying mankind. 

Chapter Thirteen

ECOSOC is the (first) beast here since it initially had 10 specialized agencies (known as 10 horns) and 7 committees (known as 7 heads) under it in the 1940’s. The dragon is the General Assembly which gave huge powers to ECOSOC since it is in-charge of non-political matters, covering economic & social welfare of mankind.

There is a (second) beast here, identified as UNEP. It is said that it was fatally wounded during the 3 ½ years period (from September 2006 to March 2010) from acts of the author by employing character assassination & demolition job (described as sword in the Bible) due to serious fraud in the making of Kyoto Protocol Treaty. UNEP recommended a wrong theory (reduce carbon scheme) to be deliberated & voted upon by its members in the absence of true scientific study, thereby giving a false cause of action (suppression of transportation & industry). 

UNEP’s image is UNFCCC which continued to push its false cause of action. UNFCCC however had a bitter lost in its meeting in COP 15 (2009-2010) after the members found faults in the scientific studies made by the Nobel Prize Winner IPCC.  With guilt, IPCC then publicly admitted in March 2010 their faults & errors in their 6-year scientific study report (which started in 2001 & ended in 2007), specially made for UN’s reduce carbon scheme. Thereafter, UN kept silent with news blackout after the author challenged the Secretariat to sue & prosecute IPCCC for their frustrated deceit. Such silence corroborated the verse in Daniel 7: 26 as “utterly wiped out”. Moreover, the meeting in COP 16 (2010-2011) was kept secret since UN maintained their silence and hence, it had no force. And recently, the conference in COP 17 (2011-2012) by UNFCCC was successful with no disturbance made by the author since there had been no news in media. There were two recoveries here from UN’s reinstitution of its wrongful objective: one is UNEP which healed because it passed on the pushing of its false cause to UNFCCC; and, two is UNFCCC which healed because it played power persuasion to convince USA, India & China to subscribe & agree. Such recovery is described in Revelation 13: 3 & 12 as “the wound healed”.

The “666” is the brand, identified by the author as “reduce carbon scheme” or “reduce carbon treaty”.

Chapter Fourteen

This is divided into five (5) parts. It reiterates & summarizes what had happened & will happen, as follows:

a)  First is the immediate taking of the 144,000 blameless & faultless people to heaven to receive their reward (i.e., the white garment) who died defending the Temple & the New Jerusalem ahead, i.e., before the first resurrection in the Thousand Years (Rev. 20) will come;

b)  Second is the proclamation of the meaning of Revelation in the Christian Bible (i.e., judgment) to the public;

c)  Third is the proclamation of the fall of the United Nations (known as the Babylon);

d)  Fourth is the proclamation of God’s anger against those (USA, India & China plus other countries including the Philippines as staunch supporter of UN) which subscribed to the reduce carbon scheme (the mark or brand “666”) of UNEP (the second beast) and UNFCCC (the image) for they will receive the fury of God without rest, night or day; and,

e)  Fifth is that the angels of God are ready to strike.

Chapter Fifteen & Sixteen

This will be the second batch of plagues that will be more powerful as the continued wrath of God. These plagues are known as seven cups after the seven trumpets.

In Rev. 16: 16, the place Armageddon here is America, not the Megiddo in the Middle East as what Bible theologians, scholars & experts commonly say. God gave a clue to the author here on May 11, 2012 when he asked for its meaning. The clue can be found in Luke 17: 37, saying: “Where the body is, there too will the vultures gather.” Some Bible describes the birds as eagles, thereby depicting the American eagle of USA. And the body where vultures gather is UN.

The Great City will be New York City for it will be split into three after a great earthquake will strike it per Rev. 16: 18-19. Other nearby states & neighboring countries will also be stricken by this same strong & powerful earthquake.  Continents will consequently readjust in preparation for the rising of an island in the near future within the territorial waters of Cuba (as per interpretation of New Jerusalem by the author in Rev. 21 second part) being near to USA. With this deadly, disastrous & catastrophic earthquake, people will show their madness & anger to God as the scripture say.

More plagues will continue even after the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (per Rev. 19 second part) during the transition & recovery period (see Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks in Dn. 9: 20-27). 

Chapter Seventeen to Nineteen (first part)

This pertains to the fall of the United Nations which is immediately expected. This could happen either before or after the major earthquake in New York City.

The woman is UN’s General Assembly. The sovereign prostitute is the Secretariat. The red beast is ECOSOC with 7 heads (commissions) & 10 horns (specialized agencies) as follows:

Seven Heads are:

a)  Statistical Commission;

b)  Population Commission;

c)  Social Commission;

d)  Commission on Human Rights (extracted to become UN’s fifth council known as The Human Rights Council which is described in the scriptures as “going to perdition”);

e)  Commission on the Status of Women;

f)   Commission on Narcotic Drugs; and,

g)  Commission on International Commodity Trade.

The ten horns (as earlier mentioned in resemblances) will conspire with the beast (ECOSOC) against the prostitute (Secretariat). The revolt will cause the setting of fire (arson) of the United Nations building. This will be the end & downfall of the UN as decreed by God. After a time, they will be replaced by the Holies of God, i.e., the 288,000 chosen men, to be world leaders.

Chapter Nineteen (second part)

This will be the coming of the Son of Man, Jesus Christ as the King, who will execute God’s wrath, i.e., the killing of mankind within 45 days. Jesus Christ is said that he will come as a thief (2nd Peter 3: 10) and will rule with an iron scepter at the start of his reign. Bird diseases from excrement, droppings, food; bird bites like dengue, malaria; and, others all causing pandemic, will be the plague in here, attacking anybody irrespective of status. Expected mortality will be 50% of world population if even number per Matthew 24: 40-41 and Luke 17: 34-35. Or it may be 40% or 60% of world population if odd number per Luke 12: 52. This will be the first end of times (pertaining to reduction of mankind). People will look for the one who proclaimed & pronounced the word of God. They will seek his help to plead, beg & appeal to God to stop the killing &/or shorten the time per Mark 13: 19 & 20 and Matthew 24: 22.

After the second coming, there will be an assembly of the survivors & remnants. People will call again the one who proclaimed the word of God in order for them to reorganize nations based on what God wants. In the transition & recovery period (Daniel 9 second part), the 288,000 people (known as Holies as pre-chosen by God) will come together and meet with the one who holds & carries the word of God. They will elect a leader among them (known as Holy of Holies) to unite all the remnants of the world. They will take over & will aim for the following objectives (Dn. 9: 24), to wit:

a)  Make a treaty of peace by stopping hostilities & war (to put an end to transgression);

b)  Unite people & nations by imposing God’s laws (to put sin under lock); and,

c)  Instill democracy, renew man & rebuild earth (to bring everlasting justice).

With all these plagues, God will eventually compel people to kneel before Him as world’s Creator and acknowledge His new law of God, known as the Ark of the Covenant (Rev. 11: 19).

Chapter Twenty

After a few years from the time Jesus Christ executed God’s first & second wrath, the Thousand Years of peace will follow. But, in between chapter 19 second part & chapter 20, Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks (Dn. 9: 20-27) will enter, this will be the transition & recovery period. Since UN Building was burned down by its own people through arson; and, USA, India & China including the rest as staunch supporters of UN had been punished by God’s anger, they will be incapacitated & indefensible to check & balance the world. There will be continued strikes of natural disasters, chaos after calamities, extreme poverty, mounting famine, uncontrollable crimes, interferences of wars and many others. Then the 288,000 God’s pre-sealed people will immediately find themselves & meet together with the author as to what they & people should do. They will elect a leader and begin to unite nations & its survivors & remnants of the world because of the proclaimed (interpreted) prophecies which came out true. They will reform man with new laws (correcting the false doctrines of the Catholic Church) and rebuild earth to address global warming & climate change, discarding the inutile reduce carbon scheme (“666”) of the fallen UN.

The Philippine technology will eventually & immediately be used to dramatically repair earth & cure the environment in a short period of time. An island will appear in the sovereign territorial waters of Cuba and will be called the New Jerusalem as written in the scriptures. Why Cuba? Out of the 30 embassies that were approached by the author here in the Philippines, only Cuba had expressed their likeness in reading all 7 articles of the author given between 2006 & 2007. The 288,000 God’s people will build the future Temple likewise written in the scriptures.

The small but long neighboring conflict between North & South Korea will turn into a real war, consequently creating World War III (Dn. 10 & 11). The ruler of North Korea will invade & attack the Beautiful Land (figurative, now identified as New Jerusalem in Cuba), Egypt & other countries. He will oppose God’s people, rejecting the new law or covenant. In relation to this, he will revive & set up the Human Rights Council therein. He will kill God’s chosen leader as well as His pre-sealed people. Northern & eastern countries will band together to fight him. Libya & Ethiopia will join with North Korea. But God will stop them directly without human help, avenging the chosen one, 144,000 people & the rest. Their souls will be called to go up in heaven to join those wearing in white robes or garments. This is the second of end of times (pertaining to World War Three).

At the advent of the Thousand Years, the following events will happen, to wit:

First Part:

a)  Satan will be imprisoned, purposely to stop deceiving nations (until the Thousand Years have passed); and,

b)  Return to life of the dead victims, killed by disobedience & rebellion of UN which caused God’s retaliation by natural disasters from global warming & climate change.

Second Part:

a)  This is the first resurrection of the dead. Some will go to eternal life & the rest, to eternal horror (second death) which will be hell – the lake of burning sulfur (molten lava). The beast (UNEP) and the false prophet (the blasphemous maker of the inconvenient truth) will have to go to eternal horror;

b)  The surviving people or remnants will be spiritually renewed, i.e., cleansed & purified. Wickedness will die and godliness will rule with complete zealousness for the law. There will be no more crimes like cheating, fighting, killing, and others. Court suits will eventually stop. 

c)  Justice & peace will begin under the reign of Jesus Christ. Never in history (since the time of Adam & Eve) has the world experienced without evil in a Thousand Years.

Third Part:

a)  After the Thousand Years, Satan will be released from jail to deceive nations again;

b)  He will create & induce new wars (this time, between he-goat & ram in Dn. 8, still unknown & kept secret to be interpreted by a new chosen one before or after the end of Thousand Years) which then would create World War IV;

c)  Another ruler will also attack & destroy the long established God’s Temple & the New Jerusalem for the second time;

d)  God will also stop this war and will be final end of time (i.e., devoid of life, ceasing existence of mankind), probably in the year 3797 according to Nostradamus’ prediction; and,

e)  Satan is finally brought to hell.

Chapter Twenty One

This will come in between chapter 19 second part (coming of Son of Man) and chapter 20 (Thousand Years).

The first heaven & first earth mean the once (past) polluted atmosphere and the vast desolate lands of the earth respectively. Then these will pass away and will be transformed & converted into new heaven (clearer skies) and new earth (land of fertile soil), corroborated by Peter (2nd Peter 3: 13) and Isaiah (Isaiah 66. 22). This will be the accomplishment of God’s pre-given (Philippine) technology, spearheaded by the 288,000 God’s people with the help, support & cooperation of the nations collectively.

Everything will be brand new. People will unite more than ever after believing in God and all the works done by His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. That people will never forget the wrong that they had defiantly done against God and He used His men to enlighten them according to His will as explained to be true.

The Philippine technology which follows the scientific (universal) laws of God will bring forth a new island to surface, most probably in the sovereign territorial waters of Cuba that was previously triggered by a major earthquake in New York City, USA.

With people united in unceasingly restoring & rebuilding earth by curing the environment, the technology will transport & send more excess water (which have been causing rising sea levels) to the poles (Arctic & Antarctic) to form glaciers back (similar to Gen. 1: 9, saying: “Let the waters below the sky be gathered together in one place & let dry land appear.”). The said island to surface will be called the New Jerusalem and will be built with a Temple of God, the specifications of which are written in this chapter including those mentioned in the books of Ezekiel & Isaiah. In the Temple, the Ark of the Covenant will be housed where the Name of God will be placed and where the new commandment of God will be kept.  

Pagans who will be converted as Christians and begin to acknowledge God, will be free to enter & praise our Creator & Lord Jesus Christ in the Temple. Many foreigners (on visit or on pilgrims) will surely & frequently flock to pay their respect and pray to the Almighty God to hear them.

Chapter Twenty Two

This is the reign of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Alpha & the Omega) who will inherit the earth from the time it was created as foretold. This will be in the period of a new era of a Thousand Years of peace as God had long promised since the time of Isaiah & Ezekiel (Old Testament) and our Lord Jesus Christ through the apostles (New Testament) as foretold.



In proclamation, the world must realize that there is a law requiring the disclosure of truth (known in law as Legal Obligation) of the facts interpreted in the Bible. And there is also a law that, if there is good intention & justifiable motive in the performance of any legal, moral or social duty in the interpretation of the Bible, there is no malice like in this case, as an absolute privileged communication to people. In John 16: 12, it says:

“He will not give his own message but will speak only of what he hears & he will tell you of the things to come.”

And Jesus Christ said (Rev. 10: 11),

“You must again proclaim God’s words about many peoples, nations, tongues & kings.”

And so, here it is. The author in the performance of his duty to God & our Lord Jesus Christ has worked toward the same end to bring justice. God relies on the full completion of the proclamation & explanation of Revelation as presented herein by the author in view of the circumstances prevailing in this present time. The extent of the author’s interpretation should be given much weight in the light of evidences of authorities & peoples’ guilt clearly shown & explained. The word of God in the Bible is a prima facie basis as factual proof why the author acted accordingly. Although he was called as “doomsayer”by the Catholic Church, “work of a demon” by Iglesia ni Cristo and“scaremonger” by Sec. Gen. Ban Ki Moon in the past, God retaliates in defending the author, calling them “false messiah” to the Pope Benedict XVI  (2ND Peter 2: 10); “false & prophets” to the Bishops & clergies and,“false teachers” to religious organizations (2nd Peter 2); and, “dumb donkey” to Sec. Gen. Ban Ki Moon (2nd Peter 2: 16). John described further the ruler as the “antichrist” in 1st John 2: 18-29.

That was why no one challenged Ban Ki Moon who was seeking then for re-election or for another term when many have known already that his seat is condemned (John 16: 11). UN will be burned down by arson (consummated) through betrayal, treachery, treason &/or rebellion since there exists a universal war between world’s authorities (including people) and God. The identified false prophets & false teachers above will also be condemned which has already begun and their destruction awaits them (2nd Peter 2: 3). And 50% of world’s population will perish (free to all) from highest to the lowest and from oldest to youngest.

The Abominable Idol of the Invader (Mt. 24: 5) or Oppressor (Mk. 13: 14) or Devastator (Dn. 9.27) which is identified by the author as the Human Rights Council (including North Korea), will destroy the Temple erected on the island (New Jerusalem), controlling it for 3 ½ years but they will eventually be destroyed without help from man.

 In view of the foregoing, the author is wrapping up this final proclamation of all books related to the Mysterious Plan of God as his First Episode in more than 7 years (beginning June 2004) and the Second Episode will come very soon. So therefore “BE READY” people to accept God’s living word as already interpreted & explained.


Note: This article was amended & expanded on 05-17-12.



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In the preceding posting I made, the TRUTH was explained to you on what had happened and this time, what has happened is next. Please take note that I, the author of Daniel 7, proclaimed its interpretation for a longer period of time from June 2004 but, after 7 years, God sent to me Genesis 1-3 in September 2011, 2nd  Peter 1-3 in October 2011 and Revelation 1-22 in November 2011 to interpret.

After I sent my accurate & perfect interpretation of Daniel 7 to the Bishops on June 29, 2004 and another one, in November 2004, I got no reaction from them. I then asked God, “What shall I do with Daniel 7?” Followed by, “Shall I make a book out of it?” God answered by giving me Jeremiah 1, specifically verse 10, i.e., “to uproot & pull down; to destroy & overthrow; and, to build & to plant”. With this, it would mean that God is giving me a mission as license to go against the authorities by breaking the order which God had established to them.


From May 2005 to May 2006, USA’s NASA-GISS was given a total of 15 long email letters, pertaining to: one, solution to global warming & climate change and two, downfall of UN. From July 2006 to September 2007, some 30 foreign countries with embassies here in the Philippines received a total of 7 long & strong letters, likewise pertaining to the same 2 subjects, duly delivered to & received by them. While I was doing character assassination & demolition job against UNEP in a professional manner (like teaching the benefits of photosynthesis as the good side & degrading reduce carbon scheme that misled the world as the bad side), UNEP kept on promoting its own creation, reduce carbon theory, to governments & continually convincing the rest of the world (together with Al Gore like educating NGOs, schools, etc.) to idolize, follow & practice this objective. It took 2 years for the low profile mortal helper to uproot & to pull down UNEP by writing through his documented letters while it took UNEP 42 months to further mock God‘s nature with imperfection through news via media that was all considered as blasphemy (see Rev. 13: 5). However, the mortal helper’s degrading of UNEP was stronger which could have hurt UNEP (similar to fatally wounded in Rev. 13: 3-4) and thereafter ECOSOC used UNFCCC (interpreted as the image) as to continue the (unfinished) objective of the (wounded) UNEP for the latter to recover (see Rev. 13: 11-13). 


After completing or finishing his job with world authorities, leaders & rulers, the author began to inform people in the net (environment category of answers.yahoo), beginning April 2009 by teaching them what is going on in the environment and in religion. This educational campaign continued the downgrading & degrading of UN in misleading & misdirecting the world. It emphasized that there was a deceit in the making of scientific studies. IPCC intentionally made false studies with the end in view of justifying the false theory of UNEP and hence, there was no real independent study but conspiracy to convince the world that UN gave the right decision & solution in addressing the ailing environment. There were many critics against the views of the author (some defending UN) but some felt that the author may be right.

In November 2009, Sec. Gen. Ban Ki Moon gave a public press release, saying that he was positively confident that they will be able to convince the world to ratify the long impending treaty but, at the end of his statement, he negatively added SCAREMONGER that was intended to the author although without naming names. COP 15 in December 2009-January 2010 (dubbed as Copenhagen Climate Deal) turned out as a disaster when, unknowingly, God’s men raised some false reports made by IPCC that fortified or reinforced the author’s claim of false scientific studies. Later IPCC publicly admitted in 2010 the faults & mistakes they made. Sec. Gen. Ban Ki Moon tried to remedy the situation by hiring new scientists to rectify the blunders made by IPCC. The author returned with a response to sue IPCC for deceit with criminal negligence & imprudence (including UNEP too). Thereafter, UN kept silent with no more press releases (i.e., news blackout).

The author posted a Q&A at answers.yahoo, asking: “What does utterly wiped out mean in Daniel 7: 26?”, citing the above “news blackout” as its interpretation. Surprisingly, those critics changed heart by saying: “WOW! I WOULD NEVER MAKE THAT CONNECTION. THANKS FOR SETTING US ALL STRAIGHT.” Again, another commented & seconded, saying the same response made by the first. This was one of the very gratifying responses I received. First was the embassy of Cuba (one of the 30 foreign countries) which expressed their liking of my letters and second, the above repliers in the net. COP 16 in December 2010-January 2011 was a failure since it was hidden from public. But in COP 17 in December 2011-January 2012, UNFCCC was successful in convincing USA, China and India to subscribe to their trade branded as reduce carbon scheme, identified as the 666 in Rev. 13: 18. In this vein, since the 3 countries carry now the curse, they will receive severe punishment as judgment (see Rev. 14: 9-11). 


This will come after the second coming of Jesus Christ (Rev. 19 second part) during Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks (Daniel 9 second part). God’s plan to rehabilitate earth (i.e., the Philippine technology known as SQUARES & WALLS in Dn. 9: 25 as God’s grace to the world) will be done in this period by the remnants or survivors.

Based on the foregoing, the (condensed) explanation given here is not a theory but a true in life story that has really happened, perfectly matching to Daniel 7 and Revelation 1-22 which have a total of 19 identical characters, events & places, corroborated by 2 Peter 1-3 as well as the gospels of the 4 apostles (Luke, Mark, Matthew & John) and the scriptures in 2 Thessalonians, Isaiah & Ezekiel. One said that I violated the rules in Rev. 22: 18 & 19 but I claim I did not because God made me do the service without knowing the Bible. I am not theologian, born again or a Bible reader. I personally consult God first and He made me pick up the Bible to let me read what He wanted me to do (i.e., Daniel 7 as the first). It was an experience than a Bible education (like most of you). The work happened first before that I got to learn the scriptures. I interpret because I experienced them. And, for one to accuse me of violation, I ask: “What do the educated or learned know?” The title in Rev. 19 second part says: “Triumph of the Word of God” but if you try to read what it tells, you cannot find what specific word that will create victory. The word here is the prophetic words in the Bible that are now alive, already opened & revealed by God for us to know. 

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Let me further explain to you as to how we can best understand the inevitable end of time in order for you to prepare & warn people you know or thru evangelism to be ready before the execution of the wrath of God (i.e., punishment & not rapture) at the coming of the Son of Man. This is to reiterate that 50% of world population will perish (Matthew 24: 40-41), i.e., mixed with righteous & wicked people, which God has willed (Rev. 19 second part re: Triumph of the Word of God) as part of His plan. However, the righteous that will be killed should not be discouraged for they are committed (but not raised up) than condemned.

For you to know the TRUTH, the following were the past actions which transpired through the mortal helper (i.e., what had happened) as God’s way in saving man & earth and conversely, fighting man’s defiance & disobedience, to wit:


Our Supreme Creator is caring but can get angry too to the extent of punishing people. He was aware of the plight of the world and so, God began to extend help. He acted in 1998 when, in reference to John 16: 13, “. . . guide you into the whole truth”), God chose a mortal helper to buy books on sale (related to agriculture & forestry) & keep them for the time being. The mortal helper was compelled to abandon his current work (a former banker & a real estate practitioner) and drawn to take interest in the environment at the height of world’s concern on global warming in 1999-2000. Then he was to able to invent a technology in 2001 in just 3 months that is so powerful that it can eradicate global warming in just a short period of time. Its function is anchored on O2 regeneration, reproduction & replenishment via photosynthesis in the rehabilitation of barren, infertile & desolate soil. Unknown to the mortal helper who did not know that he was used for a purpose, the technology was God’s grace of salvation to all mankind that was given in advance.


The offer of the technology as an alternative in addressing our ailing mother earth was given to UN in December 2002. Since UN had an impending treaty (known as Kyoto Protocol), it was denied. But the mortal helper did not give up and offered the technology again in January 2003 to replace the world’s objective of REDUCE CARBON SCHEME, being only a man-made theory & not a scientific fact. UN ignored the proposal for they did not even give a second thought. Since the making of the technology was founded on God’s laws on nature (i.e., rooted on natural sciences such as biology, chemistry & physics besides disciplines in agriculture & forestry), the mortal helper wrote in conclusion that they cannot reject, deny & ignore this technology.

Its wisdom tells us that photosynthesis has been with us since God created the world. It is a proven scientific fact & law (i.e., in biology) and hence, it can dramatically take up CO2 and, in turn, release O2 in the same amount absorbed. O2 holds the life of every creature, the breath of mankind. Since photosynthesis in plants is threatened by climate change (like in droughts, forest fires & floods), soil rehabilitation is the right alternative. If the technology will collectively be used, O2 will then cool the climate by reducing its atmospheric temperature & pressure (vs. heat waves, heat stroke, heart dysfunction, etc.). It will mingle & interact with other O2 to form & replenish O3 in repairing the stratosphere with the end in view of shielding again earth from severe penetration of solar radiation (against droughts, forest fires, quakes, tsunamis, etc.). It will normalize weather & climate back to its original (vs. severe storms, flash floods, landslides, etc.). It will help transport H2O vapour from evaporation (vs. rising sea levels) to the Arctic & Antarctic to form & build glaciers (vs. ice melting). It will strengthen people’s immune system (against SARS, H1N1, HIV/AIDS, and other diseases to prevent epidemic or pandemic) including birds, animals & fishes. There are many more benefits.

The mortal helper was right on track in his plan to rehabilitate barren, infertile & desolate lands when he made the technology in 2001 because of the following knowledge that showed up beginning 2004:

a)      Daniel’s prayer (Dn. 9: 17) concerns about the DESOLATE SANCTUARY which pertains to the scalding earth.

b)      The phrase SQUARES & WALLS in Dn. 9: 25 which is theologically & mistakenly known as temple means sq. meters in sq. hectare or sq. hectares in a sq. kilometre (referring to land) since the design of the technology looks like a chessboard.

c)       The 2005 report in the Millennium Development Goal showed that desertification of arable lands had risen to 60%. And it is still rising because of climate change (droughts, forest fires & floods).


Take note that God wants us to rehabilitate earth through this technology and not UN‘s REDUCE CARBON SCHEME (interpreted as the uncovered lie of the world and the brand “666”) because the latter could not perform wonders that would rebuild earth. The state of global crisis in the environment will remain in a status quo since excess greenhouses gases like CO2 & methane in the atmosphere will not be neutralized and hence, natural disasters (i.e., the 7 trumpets) will stay as they are, pounding & trampling earth and causing deaths & destructions.

As final hope, the mortal helper sent an email to the Exec. Director of UNEP in April 2004 to reconsider the Philippine technology but nothing came about after fruitless waiting. UNEP’s indifference & inaction angered God and so, He acted by sending Daniel 7 (the 4-beast vision) for 3 consecutive days from June 25, 2004 to the mortal helper but he could not understand it. On the 4th day, God revealed its meaning and, in just 2 minutes, the mortal helper knew what the vision was (for further information on Daniel’s vision interpretation, see & read the author’s blogs in his profile). On the 5th day, the mortal helper sent a copy of interpretation to the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, informing them that the 4 beasts are the 4 councils of UN. Without light, they ignored it. In November 2004, the mortal helper went to one of the Bishop’s Chancery and gave an expounded interpretation. They did not respond and hence, God was not welcome since He was evidently not recognized. 

One will say that there are 5 councils of UN and not 4. True but since the mortal helper received God’s message in 2004, there were only 4 councils then and the last one (i.e., the Human Rights Council was established in 2006, identified in the Bible as the ABOMINABLE IDOL OF THE DEVASTATOR OR THE OPPRESSOR, meaning: its members are mostly composed of countries with higher rate of human rights violations.


The world has to openly accept & acknowledge God’s way of punishment by way of natural disasters because this is the fate which authorities & leaders (including their advocates & staunch supporters) cast upon all mankind in defiance & disobedience of God’s laws, commandments & precepts. For not recognizing God, UN has unknowingly declared war with the Almighty by announcing publicly to the world “TO PREPARE FOR NATURAL DISASTERS” in 2003, then repeated in 2004 and finally in 2005. People added flame to the fire when they created programs such carbon trading, clean air act, earth hour, adapt & mitigate, renewable energy, etc., and thus, these are world’s acts that hurt God. And for not acknowledging God’s punishment through natural disasters, UN has sacrificed & will continue to sacrifice people to their injury & death as well as to cause a lot of destruction on earth, thereby leading the world to its own extinction. We cannot correct & rectify our mistake & fault because we continued to engender our gravest sin which totally insulted & angered God in violation of His First Commandment. And the only thing that can change this continued jeopardy on creations is the power of God in defending His glory by wayB of death (Rev. 19 second part: Triumph of the Word of God).    

Based on the foregoing, these events on what had happened tell us that we undermined Jesus Christ’s teaching to know God. Many or most people resisted because, for them, the Bible had completed its mission as they continue to sustain their false interpretations (i.e., predictions of the past). USA’s NASA-GISS and some 30 foreign countries through their embassies here in the Philippines know the mortal helper’s proclamation & pronouncement including local (like GMA 7 & IBC 13) & international media (like BBC, CNN & Channelnewsasia), NGOs (like Greenpeace & Oxfam), environmental educational schools (like Miriam & Ateneo), churches (like St. Vincent School of Theology & Iglesia Ni. Cristo), atheists & agnostics associations, people in the Environment Category and the Religion & Spirituality Category of answers.yahoo, and others (like Linkedin’s Christian Professionals & Theology Groups, relatives & friends). As this test on the world is still going on, the showing of little faith or no faith at all portrays that God has been unknown. Expect therefore that 50% of the world population will perish according to Matthew (24: 40-41). 

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Prophetic words are learned by God’s chosen who has extraordinarily acquired experience knowing them than learned in school.though, unfortunately there is nothing to know since their secrets & mysteries have not been unveiled ever since. In this vein, no one can profess to know them because, according to the scripture, the world cannot receive the Spirit of Truth (John 14: 17). If one did, that man must be God’s mortal helper to tell what our Lord Jesus Christ’s said & declared in his times (John 15: 26), written in the NT.

Our topic of discussion is termed “rapturable”.which means to me, “deserving to obtain an eternal life”. As I have earlier said, Revelation is Judgment. We are led in this final episode because justice awaits against the Catholic Church & other churches, UN, the perpetrators, victims, the entire people and lastly, Satan. According to John 17: 3, one to have eternal life must KNOW God and Jesus Christ. So can we tell to ourselves that we know them? There are two events that will occur (without the fate of UN for the meantime):

First will be the mass killing of people, estimated at 50% of world population (Matthew 24: 40-41) at the coming of the Son of Man (per Luke, Mark & Matthew) in the appointed time of the end (Daniel 12) as the Triumph of the Word of God (Rev. 19 second part).

Second will be the resurrection of the dead, deserving eternal life, and the other will be second death to those undeserving to eternal condemnation (Rev. 20: 12-13).

In order to be saved, we must therefore KNOW God and Jesus Christ. In this vein, the requisite of “knowing” on the above first is that we must recognize God (2 Thessalonians 1: 8) and to acknowledge God (Rev. 16: 9). How then can you or we recognize & acknowledge God? With frequent & recurrent “deadly & destructive” natural disasters every year since June 2003, have we perceived these as Acts of God? NO!!! We all thought these as effects of pollution or consequences of global warming from emissions of transportation & industries, weren’t they? But God uses the terms “coal” & “oil” to create fire in the Bible’s recorded events and hence, these are not the reason of world’s debate & deliberation. It is something else. Man must have faulted somewhere in history up to the present. Since natural disasters keep pounding on earth, causing hundreds of thousands dead coupled by massive destruction on houses, buildings, farms, infrastructures, why does not God provide help? And why can any one including the Catholic Church or the entire Christians tell what is going on? SIMPLE! It is because you or we don’t know God and Jesus Christ. That is why, 50% of the world population will perish because we don’t KNOW God at all.

We must remember that God said in Noah’s time (Gen. 9: 11), “Never again will all life be cut off by waters of flood & never again will there be flood to destroy earth.” Since we do have floods frequently & recurrently that were claimed to be getting worst than before, you may wonder or ask, did God rescind or revoke His covenant with mankind through Noah? This is a test to you, theologians, historians, philosophers, evangelists and Bible scholars & experts. You falsely made & interpreted the prophetic words of God with records of the past which I dubbed them as “PREDICTIONS OF THE PAST” and now they have already been overtaken by predictions of Nostradmaus (such as Hisler & twin towers). Nobody knows God anymore because the history of the Bible that is yet to happen in the future was closed. Who could now answer & explain all the things to come that were figuratively given by God through His servants? Jesus Christ will send the Spirit of Truth as the scripture say. The Spirit’s mortal helper has already come with authority as outlined in John 16: 8.

And the requisite of “knowing” on the above second is that people must have evidence of good deeds to present in his trial before God and the tribunal.

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The fall of UN will be judgment at the Coming of the Son of Man

The Christian community does not know why will Jesus Christ come? They only based their views on what the scriptures or the gospels tell or say. Explanations can be found in the blog: https://winstondaniel.wordpress.com. Begin with the older or first post, i.e, “Decoding the Mystery in Daniel’s 4-Beast Vision” and read onwards.

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The Ultimate Solution as God’s Answer vs. Global Warming & Climate Change

Sharing my scientific & theological knowledge in the environment which are lodged in blog: https://winstondaniel.wordpress.com. Begin from the older or first post, i.e., “Decoding the Mystery in Daniel’s 4-Beast Vision by Winston Kayanan, and read onwards.

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The foregoing section is already a sign of apostasy in the Catholic Church with reference to 2nd Thessalonians 2: 3 in the coming of Jesus Christ. Considering also the identity of the Abominable Idol of the devastator (Daniel 12: 11) or Idol of the invader (Matthew 24: 15) or of the oppressor (Mark 13: 14) as the Human Rights Council comprising of members whose country is known as violators of human rights has already been proclaimed, this likewise ascertains the certainty & genuineness of the author’s interpretation of Daniel’s vision. In Mark 13: 12, increasing heinous crimes being experienced worldwide in these times (besides natural disasters) are also signs of the end, saying: “Brother will betray brother, even to death, and the father his child. Children will turn against their parents and have them put to death.” However, the man of sin has already appeared in the author’s scientific knowledge, identified as the one who made the blasphemous “inconvenient truth.”But there is another man of sin in the author’s theological knowledge, not yet revealed, and this is Pope Benedict XVI. The burden of proof is already shown above. He is the one identified in 2nd Thessalonians 2: 4, saying: “. . . that instrument of evil who opposes & defiles whatever is considered divine & holy, even to the point of sitting in the temple of God & claiming to be God;” and, in 2nd Thessalonians 2: 9, it says: “This lawless one will appear with the power of Satan, performing miracles & wonderful signs at the service of deception.”

There is treachery when Pope Benedict XVI employed means to harbor the offenders to weaken the fight of the victims by taking advantage of his position in the Catholic Church. From what has been said by protesters & activists, chanting: “the Pope is protecting pedophiles,” the general presumption is that people wanted the law to govern the crimes of the church, not just talk which betrayed the vulnerable children & wounded adults as Barbara Blaine (head of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests or SNAP) said in a statement in the BT foreign news on November 10, 2010. In Romans 16:17, it says: “. . . they (interpreted as the Catholic Church) are causing divisions & troubles in teaching you a different teaching from the one you were taught. Keep away from them because those persons do not serve Christ our Lord but their own interests, deceiving with their soft & entertaining language those who are simple of heart.”

Once again, the ancient punishment in the time of Noah which has resurfaced from the gospels of Matthew (24: 37) & Luke (17: 26), is given notice in relation to the coming of Jesus Christ. In Luke 18: 8, it is written, “Yet, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?” It is also written in 2nd Thessalonians 3: 2, saying: “May God guard us from wicked & evil people, since not everyone has faith.” It would appear that true faith is lost. Knowing God is the least priority of people while honor & wealth are their topmost concerns.  And politics dominated the world, i.e., lesser in spirituality thereby unknowingly defeating & forging the fundamental ground of humanitarian principles. Thus, this is a time of great trial (Matthew 24: 21) because the blind world which has just shown & displayed their true self & color, has just prostituted faith with treachery and therefore, no mercy will be accorded to them by God. In 2nd Thessalonians 2: 12, St. Paul says: “So all those who chose wickedness instead of believing the truth will be condemned;” and, in 2nd Thessalonians 1:8, it is written: “Then with flaming fire will be punished those who do not recognize God . . .“

Only a few responded whom the author admired for showing signs of faith. And therefore, the coming of the Son of Man pertains to peoples’ judgment of their faith in God as the true meaning in the appointed time of the end in Daniel’s vision. In 2nd Thessalonians 1: 10, it says: “On that day the Lord will be glorified in the midst of this saints, and reveal his wonders through those who believe in him, that is through you who have received our testimony.”

According to Luke 21: 22, he quoted: “For these will be the days of her punishment and all that was announced in the Scripture will be fulfilled.” So, everything has to be fulfilled. His coming is very near. The fact that God showered the author with messages of the coming of Son of Man, Daniel’s prophecy will happen. Jesus Christ will inevitably show God’s wrath on the United Nations and people in the Triumph of the Word of God (Revelation 19: 11-21). In Matthew 24: 40-41, these say: Of two men in the field, one will be taken & the other left. Of two women grinding wheat together at the mill, one will be taken & the other left.” This would mean that 50% of the world population will have to go while the remnants will then be known as the chosen ones. Only the chosen ones have the privilege to beg, appeal & plea to God to shorten the 45-day judgment period and stop the killing of people in accordance with Mark 13: 20, providing: “So that if the Lord had not shortened that time, no one would survive; but he decided to shorten it for the sake of his chosen ones.”

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On the contrary, in another BT Foreign News dated November 10, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI appears to be not espousing the rule when he invited Cardinals to talk this coming week on church crimes, particularly sexual abuse cases as their major agenda. His action by consulting first the Cardinals portrayed leniency in delaying justice & executing the law of God & Jesus Christ teachings. With respect to immoral acts on children, it is very clear in Luke 9: 48, saying: “Whoever welcomes this little child in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me, welcomes the one who sent me.”; and, in Luke 18: 16-17, “Let the children come to me and don’t stop them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly, I tell you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it.” With these, the Pope should have acted swiftly in the first quarter of 2010 in protecting the children as victims from pedophilia & other child abuses but unfortunately he kept silent for a long time in condemning these immoral acts directly in contempt of God. And that aggravating circumstance made media to attack the Catholic Church almost every week because it would show that the Pope has abused his function as he would be legally considered as an accomplice (with relation) and an accessory (without relation) by concealing the crime & harboring the escape of the offender-violator.

And what do you think will be the outcome of their (Pope & the Cardinals) meeting on November 19, 2010? Will the Catholic Church apologize or take part in the defense of the priests? If the victims will not pardon on account of apology, the criminal liability continues. On the other hand, if church will see to it that the interest of the Catholic Church be protected, it will participate in the defense of the offender because, in law, the employer of the offender has subsidiary liability for damages even if the former will apologize.

It is undisputed that the clergies must be punished from such unlawful sexual acts when an established rule has been made, saying (1st Thessalonians 4: 3): “For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you should abstain from sexual immorality.” In disposing these cases, the Pope should have acted in suspending or expelling the offenders-violators even if proven by mere preponderance of evidence and let them face their victims in any court of law. In any event, the Pontiff has just shown his lack of sincerity in urging people to embrace God after he unknowingly contradicted his November 8, 2010 public announcement. This is a case of aggravating circumstance by prostituting faith with treachery for the Vatican does not feel the sentiment of victims.

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